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The braking system on your vehicle is very important to the safety of you and your passengers.  Especially down here in Myrtle Beach, brakes tend to wear faster than average because of the road systems (think about all those stoplights you hit every time you drive down Highway 17 or 501).

Routine checks and maintenance on your brakes can also prevent larger repairs from occurring down the line.  For example, if you change your brake pads periodically (once they have about 2mm left) the rotors can be resurfaced.  This renews them to a smooth finish and can usually be performed twice before the rotor is considered too thin and must be replaced.  Archer’s Action Auto uses NAPA’s ceramic brake pads for optimum stopping power while reducing brake dust and potential noise.  Essentially, we use a premium product to keep you safer and save you money in the long-term.

Here at Archer’s Action Auto of Myrtle Beach, our expert technicians will examine your braking system thoroughly.  The service team will give you options on your repair:  recommending what is absolutely necessary for your vehicle while also noting components that are beginning to wear.  Our goal is to keep your vehicle safe while getting the most service life out of your parts.

As a rough guideline, we charge about $185 to perform a front or rear end disc-brake job.  This is the base price which includes:  resurfacing the rotors, renewing/lubricating the slides, and installing new pads or shoes.  Sometimes additional servicing may be warranted.  As a courtesy, if you bring your car to Archer’s for an oil change and tire rotation we can check your brakes while your wheels are off (free of charge).

We recommend that you have your vehicle’s brakes inspected twice annually to ensure safety.  Brakes are a normal wear item for every car and will require replacement periodically.  Symptoms of brake problems may include: dragging brakes, squealing brakes, a pulsating brake pedal (with ABS not functioning), grinding brakes, a low brake pedal, or pulling when braking.


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Archer's Action Auto is a Myrtle Beach auto repair shop located between the city of Conway and the city of Myrtle Beach. With highly qualified mechanics and technicians, Archer's Action Auto handles oil changes, car repairs, tire rotation, engine swaps, transmission work, wiper blades, brakes tune-ups, cooling systems, check engine lights, timing belts, headlight and taillight replacement, suspension, differentials, air conditioning, heating, wheel alignment, and sells tires. Archer's Action Auto has been in business for over 40 years.

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