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At Archer’s Action Auto, we realize the importance of matching your vehicle with quality Myrtle Beach tires.  That’s why our team works with each customer personally to pick the perfect set every time.  Car model, expected driving conditions, speed rating, durability, and cost are all factors we weigh when helping you with your selection.

The major advantage to buying your set of Myrtle Beach tires from Archer’s Action Auto is our Free 4 Wheel Alignment*.  This offer is available with the purchase of any 4 Michelin or BF Goodrich tires.  The alignment ensures that you get a ‘fresh start’ towards even tread wear.  We firmly believe a proper alignment is the most important thing you can do when buying a new set of tires, which is why we offer this complimentary service to our valued customers.  When rotated periodically, your tires will achieve the longest lifespan possible.

Archer’s Action Auto is certified to deal over 30 major tire brands.  If we don’t have immediate stock of a certain size we can surely order it for you.  Our prices are competitive both locally and nationally.  When ordering tires online, keep in mind that there are additional costs incurred.  Shipping can be expensive and then you must still find a shop to mount the new tires for you (plus provide an alignment).  Fully considering tire rotations and unforeseen tire leaks, Archer’s firmly believes that whatever few dollars you may save initially is more than compensated through our friendly and reliable services.

Occasionally, we are told by a potential customer that they can get a specific tire size/brand for much cheaper at a wholesale ‘big-box’ store.  Please be wary if these ‘name brand’ tires seem like an incredible deal.  While these stores do have higher buying-power than our local shop, these tires may be considered ‘club tires’ and are of inferior quality.  Put in other terms they are what Busch beer is to Budweiser; or equate to ‘X-OUT’/’PRACTICE’ golf balls.  The tires are indeed made by the same company but do not meet the same manufacturing standards.  To the untrained eye it is difficult to tell the difference, so just be aware that with tires you generally get what you pay for.  We cannot match certain price structures simply because we don’t deal with the same tires.

*Some restrictions apply, see store for details.

Myrtle Beach Auto Repair

Archer's Action Auto is a Myrtle Beach auto repair shop located between the city of Conway and the city of Myrtle Beach. With highly qualified mechanics and technicians, Archer's Action Auto handles oil changes, car repairs, tire rotation, engine swaps, transmission work, wiper blades, brakes tune-ups, cooling systems, check engine lights, timing belts, headlight and taillight replacement, suspension, differentials, air conditioning, heating, wheel alignment, and sells tires. Archer's Action Auto has been in business for over 40 years.

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