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Myth of ‘Low Maintenance’

A growing marketing trend among car manufacturers is the claim that their cars are now ‘low maintenance’, with oil changes needed less frequently.  We have had customers tell us their newer cars only require an oil change every 7,500 miles, 10,000 miles, etc.  While advancing technology and lighter viscosity oils may have improved performance, our experience still makes us rather skeptical of these extended service intervals.

Actual physical inspections of these vehicles are rather telling.  As a recent example, we had a customer tell us he now only needed to change his oil every 15,000 miles with synthetic oil.  When we checked the dipstick, there was just a small amount of burnt, sludgy oil on the tip.  It was a quart and a half low and had not been serviced in 12,000 miles.  This is a major cause of concern, as there were only 42,000 miles on the vehicle and no oil leaks.

This incident highlights a growing trend our shop is encountering.  We are not accusing anybody of misinformation, but we feel it is in our customers’ best interests to know our professional opinion.

Another reason we encourage standard intervals for oil change servicing is the brief visual inspection all cars receive at our shop.   Considering most consumers do not regularly check these items, we can help you avoid costly, catastrophic repairs by providing preventive maintenance advice.

Here at Archer’s, you won’t pay a generic rate to receive a generic oil change from a generic chain business.  We refer to your owner’s manual via an online database to ensure that the proper oil type, viscosity, and volume is used.

While our pricing is very competitive, we also provide an added edge over other shops’ services.  Archer’s Action Auto always accepts walk-in requests, but we also recognize that many customers have busy schedules.  For this reason we allow you to reserve an appointment for your oil change, guaranteeing that you will be in-and-out within about 30 minutes.  In addition, your vehicle’s entire service history is saved in our computer database.  Our customers find this extremely useful if they ever need to claim a manufacturer’s warranty or decide to re-sell their car.

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Archer's Action Auto is a Myrtle Beach auto repair shop located between the city of Conway and the city of Myrtle Beach. With highly qualified mechanics and technicians, Archer's Action Auto handles oil changes, car repairs, tire rotation, engine swaps, transmission work, wiper blades, brakes tune-ups, cooling systems, check engine lights, timing belts, headlight and taillight replacement, suspension, differentials, air conditioning, heating, wheel alignment, and sells tires. Archer's Action Auto has been in business for over 40 years.

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