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Computer Reprogramming & Diagnostics

Archer’s Action Auto is proud to announce that we now have the capability to reprogram your vehicle’s computer modules. We have invested in the proper equipment and training and can perform these services on virtually all makes & models. As cars become increasingly computerized, our shop continues to advance our skills in order to best meet the needs of our […]

Fuel Octane Ratings & Recommendations

from How much octane does your engine really need? The least amount that’s necessary to prevent detonation (spark knock). On most vehicles, that’s 87 octane regular grade unleaded gasoline. But on higher compression engines, or turbocharged or supercharged engines, the engine may require premium grade 91 to 93 octane fuel. Detonation (spark knock) occurs when the octane rating of the […]

How to Kill a Car

What does it take to kill a car? Many of you can come up with ways of your own, but let’s look at some of the most common forms of abuse that cause vehicle failure. NEGLECTING SCHEDULED MAINTENANCE More cars find their way to the junkyard by neglecting basic scheduled maintenance than any other cause. This list includes such things […]

Tire Comparison Test: What Rubber Should You Choose?

Tires are a major investment, and one that drivers need to make decisions about each time a set wears out. Choosing a replacement tire can be like picking an air filter because there are so many choices, and tire dealers sometimes sound an awful lot like used-car salesmen. The simplest solution is to buy the same tires your car came […]

One Surprising Thing Automakers Are Eliminating From Cars

Automakers have been quietly eliminating one pretty heavy piece of equipment from cars in an attempt to make cars lighter and more fuel efficient. But a lot of consumers don’t know it’s gone until they’re stranded on the side of the road, wondering where their spare tire went. Over the past few years, several automakers have removed spare tires from […]

Myrtle Beach Auto Repair

Archer's Action Auto is a Myrtle Beach auto repair shop located between the city of Conway and the city of Myrtle Beach. With highly qualified mechanics and technicians, Archer's Action Auto handles oil changes, car repairs, tire rotation, engine swaps, transmission work, wiper blades, brakes tune-ups, cooling systems, check engine lights, timing belts, headlight and taillight replacement, suspension, differentials, air conditioning, heating, wheel alignment, and sells tires. Archer's Action Auto has been in business for over 40 years.

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