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10 Ways You Waste Money on Your Car

Overall a decent article, however our experience leads us to disagree with #1… by Jerry Edgerton Tuesday, June 7, 2011 http://finance.yahoo.com/family-home/article/112858/car-maintenance-overspending-moneywatch?mod=family-autos#mwpphu-container With gas bills putting a crimp in your budget, you don’t want to be wasting money on other car expenses. But many car owners do just that — either spending more than needed on maintenance or putting off work […]

Pre-Trip Vehicle Checks Make for Safer, Gas-Saving Summer Road Trips

Bethesda, MD – May 23, 2011 – With millions of people planning to hit the road this summer, two things will be on their minds – getting to their destination safely and the high price of gas. The Car Care Council recommends a pre-trip vehicle inspection to make sure your vehicle is safe for travel and running efficiently. “To avoid […]

How Your Headlights Work

I’m willing to bet that drivers only think about headlights during one of two events: when for some reason they can’t see at night, or when an oncoming car blinds them. Like the alternator, these critical pieces are overlooked—until they don’t work. And that’s a shame, because for the gearhead, there’s a lot of interesting tech behind the glass. Like, […]

Engine Oil

How much do you value the engine in your car? Think about it, because the life of your engine depends in no small part on the quality of the oil you put in it – oil is the lifeblood of your car’s engine. From the mid 80’s for 8 or 9 years there was a veritable revolution in car engine […]

Good news for Corvette fans

As the economy slowly recovers, so do Corvette’s fortunes. We’ll find out how good things are getting tomorrow. General Motors sold 4,293 Corvettes in the January-through-April period, nearly a 22 percentage increase over the same period last year. In April, Vette sales totaled 1,454 cars, nearly a 29 percent increase over April 2010. But sales are still way off 2006’s […]

Myrtle Beach Auto Repair

Archer's Action Auto is a Myrtle Beach auto repair shop located between the city of Conway and the city of Myrtle Beach. With highly qualified mechanics and technicians, Archer's Action Auto handles oil changes, car repairs, tire rotation, engine swaps, transmission work, wiper blades, brakes tune-ups, cooling systems, check engine lights, timing belts, headlight and taillight replacement, suspension, differentials, air conditioning, heating, wheel alignment, and sells tires. Archer's Action Auto has been in business for over 40 years.

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